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Brand Identity

Grape Beauty is a company that embraces people to take care of themselves by offering a wide variety of natural Korean and Japanese skincare and makeup products that enhance the appearance of the skin. Its purpose goes beyond making each person look good on the outside, it is about growing confidence, teaching and allowing each individual to target their personal needs so they feel good on the inside.

Victoria and Israel, Grape Beauty’s owners, have grown their marketplace and deliver to the USA, Ecuador and Mexico. With a passion to professionalize their brand identity, we created an organic and strong icon with colors from a palette that adapts depending on the application and usage.

The logo is elegant and distinct. It signals a strong foundation while reinforcing brand confidence, and reliability. With a flexible approach to color and logo staging it works across all media. Made up of a complete palette, color brings the Grape Beauty brand to life and is created to support all brand applications. The preferred color palette is made up of Lilac and Grape Red. The secondary color palette is made up of a light pastel palette, and is created to support all brand applications.

Typography is a key element for Grape Beauty. The consistent use of the designated typefaces contributes to the successful rendition of the overall style. With its range of weights and styles, a clear hierarchy of information can be established whether it’s clean and simple, or delightful and fun. We also added an auxiliar typography to give the brand more flexibility and can also be used for different campaigns and ads.

Iconography, organic shapes that work as image containers, text holders and auxiliar graphics were also developed to support the identity. As well as layouts and a manual for image and photography style.


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