Brand Identity

A design that encapsulates the elegance and charm of a classic theater, while evoking the exclusivity, mystery and artistry that characterizes Riviera. Warm colors inspired by theatrical aesthetics, such as gold and velvet create an atmosphere of sophistication and warmth.

The script typeface for the logo takes cues from classic theaters and adds a touch of glamour and drama, while the complementary sans and serif typefaces provide a balanced and legible contrast for the additional text. The main icon is a stylized “R” inside an oval that simulates a mirror and a vintage letter stamp. The oval shape of the mirror represents self-reflection and the exploration of an identity, while the letter seal evokes an air of exclusivity and a well-kept secret, in line with the Riviera atmosphere. Auxiliary typesetting offers versatility, adding visual depth and allowing creative application in various materials and media.


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